INDIAN Cuisine

English Dishes

Served with peas and tomatoes.

Omelette and Chips


Prawn Omelette and Chips


Mushroom Omelette and Chips


Cheese Omelette and Chips


Scampi and Chips


Chicken Nuggets and Chips


Fish Finger and Chips


Sirloin Steak and Chips


Canapes & Starters

Duck Tikka (s)

Duck fillet breast pieces marinated in yoghurt, fresh aromatic spices, stir fried with cap...


Murgi Wings (s)

Succulent free range chicken wings, served with cumber and beetroot salad and fresh mint a...


Kadai Lamb Chops (s)

Spicy thick cut tender lamb chops with kadai spices.


Machli Amritsari (s)

Telapia fish marinated in Indian herbs, yogurt & deep fried.


Sarson King Prawn (s)

A popular lounge india classic juicy fresh water king prawns marinated in mustard, tumeric...


Mahi Salmon (s)

Grilled fresh salmon marinated in a delicious blend of tomato, lime and red pepper, served...


Meat Platter (s)

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab, lamb chops & king prawn.


Chicken Sheek Kebab (s)


Lounge Mix Starter (s)

Meat samosa, onion bhaji, tiger prawn and sheek kebab.


Tandoori Stir Fry (s)

Tandoori chicken off the bone stir fried with green peppers, tomatoes, and onions with che...


Garlic King Prawns (s)

Tandoori king prawns cooked with garlic and special spices.


Sweet Duck Sesame (s)



Marinated in yoghurt, fresh aromatic spices, cooked in a clay oven. Stir fried with capsic...


Punjabi Malai Paneer Shashlick (s)


Sheek Kebab (s)

Minced lamb in herbs, grilled and served with salad & mint sauce.


Chicken Chat Puree (s)

Sliced chicken with tomatoes and cucumber cooked in a hot sweet and tangy sauce, served wi...


Prawn Puree (s)

Prawns with tomatoes and cucumber cooked cooked in a hot, sweet and tangy sauce. served wi...


Chicken Pakora (s)

Chicken coated with flour and deep fried.


Fish Pakora (s)

Fish coated with flour and deep fried.



(Meat, Vegetable) Triangular shaped flaky pastry served with salad and mint sauce.


Onion Bhaji (s)

(4 pieces) Served with salad and mint sauce. Fresh onions bound with gram flour and deep f...


Sweet Onion Bhaji (s)

(4 pieces) Served with salad and mint sauce. Fresh onions bound with gram flour and deep f...


Prawn Cocktail (s)

Prawns served with lemon, lettuce and cocktail sauce.


King Prawn Puree (s)

King Prawns cooked in a medium fresh spices, served with puffy bread.


Garlic Chicken Tikka (s)


Garlic Lamb Tikka (s)


Tandoori Chicken (s)

(1/4 )


Game Dishes

Duck Tikka

Tender duck fillet breast pieces marinated in yoghurt and fresh aromatic spices, stir frie...


Duck Jhinga

Tender pieces of duck cooked with chillies and balti paste.


Duck Exotica Chashni

Cooked in a medium dry sauce with dried tomatoes, green peppers, onions, bay leaves, mint ...


Spicy Duck Tikka

Tender pieces of duck cooked with green chillies, capsicum and onions with a hint of garli...


Chef’s Special

Tandoori King Prawn Masala


Sikandari Lamb Shank

Tender slow roasted shank of lamb marinated in a smokey mix of kashmiri chilli, ground cor...


Kalongi Murgh Baingan

Chicken cooked Baby aubergine, Nigella seeds, onions & tomato.


Raan Kalapsi

Free range chicken drumsticks pan seared and slow simmered in a south Indian curry of roas...


Fenugreek Murgh

Tender marinated free range chicken with curried spinach and fenugreek.


New Delhi Butter Chicken

Sweet and slightly hot dish cooked in a special sauce of butter and coconut milk in chef’s...


Tikka Masala

(The all time favourite Diced chicken or lamb cooked in a mild and creamy sauce flavoured...



(Chicken/Lamb) Punjabi dish cooked with ginger, green herbs, fairly spicy in a thick sauce...


Naga Chicken Tikka Masala

Diced chicken cooked in a creamy hot sauce flavoured with coconut, almond and special blen...



(Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka) A delightful mughal dish cooked with fragrant spice, fresh c...



Diced chicken or lamb cooked in medium strength gravy, garnished with fresh tomatoes and c...


Garlic Tikka Paneer

Chicken or lamb cooked with garlic, onions, capsicums, jaipuri masala spices garnished wit...


Tandoori Murgi Chana Palak

Chicken off the bone, cooked with chick peas and spinach.


Cocktail Masala

Diced chicken tikka & lamb tikka sheek kebab in a mild creamy sauce flavoured with coconut...


Chilli Wagon Korma

(Chicken/Lamb) Cooked with coconut cream, green chillies in a hot sauce.


House Specials

Bengal Jalfrezi

Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheek kebab cooked with capsicums, onions, to...



Tender pieces of lamb cooked with crispy and fresh spinach in a chef special medium sauce.


Lounge India Special

Special preparation of chicken, lamb, king prawn, and minced meat cooked in chef’s selecte...



(Chicken/Lamb) Sour and slightly hot dish, cooked with tamarinds and pickles.



(Chicken/Lamb) Chicken or lamb cooked with Bengali lemon.


Royal Chilli Masala

Chicken or lamb cooked with green chillies, tomatoes and onions.


Garlic Tikka Bhuna

Chicken or lamb tikka prepared with garlic, capsicums, onions and fresh herbs.


Lamb Chops Jalfry

Tender pieces of lamb chops cooked with green chillies, capsicum and onions.


Tandoori Chicken Jaipuri

Half a chicken marinated with yoghurt, herbs and spices. Cooked in clay oven then stir fry...


Zara Special

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb in chef’s special mild sauce.


Sylheti Khashi

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with ladies finger in a medium hot sauce with pepper, tomato ...


Chicken Exotica

Whole breast fillet stuffed with mince meat.


Lamb-E- Kodu

Chunks of lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves, pumpkin and chilli, medium sweet sauce.


Chamalee – E- Chat

Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with capsicums, onions, tomatoes and chef special cha...


Dum Biryani

This is a popular dawati celebration dish, your chosen subject spiced and cooked with hydrabadi masala, cooked dum style mixed with fragrant basmati rice and served with vegetable curry.

Chicken Biryani


Chicken Tikka Biryani


Lamb Biryani


Lamb Tikka Biryani


Prawn Biryani


King Prawn Biryani


Mixed Vegetable Biryani


Lounge India Special Biryani

(Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, king prawn, mince meat and egg)


Chicken Tikka Chilli Biryani


Tandoori Chicken Biryani

(Tandoori chicken off the bone)


Authentic Balti Dishes

These delicious dishes are cooked with blended spices, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, onions and chef’s special balti paste. Served with nan bread.

Mix Vegetable Balti


Chicken Balti


Chicken and Mushroom Balti


Chicken Aloo Balti


Lamb Balti


Lamb Tikka Balti


Lamb Sag Balti


King Prawn Balti


Prawn Balti


Prawn Sag Balti


Chicken Tikka Balti


Chicken Chilli Balti


Mix Special Balti

(Chicken, lamb and prawns)


Chicken Tikka Masala Balti


Tandoori Chicken Balti


Keema Aloo Balti


Chicken Palak Balti


Chicken Jalfrezi Balti


Chicken Dansak Balti


Tandoori King Prawn Chilli Balti


Seafood and Fish Dishes

Seabass Chetinad Ceylon

Mild with coconut and creamy dish.


Salmon Mango

Mild served with mango.


Salmon Tikka



Chingri Shak

King prawn cooked with spinach leaves, butter chillies, garlic and organic lime.


Boro Esar Tenga

Mouth watering dish with jumbo king prawns, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, lime, sweet basil ...


Macher Quwa

Salmon fish cooked with cardamons, garlic, green peppers, bullet chillies, tomatoes, mint ...


Rajeshwari Jhinga Niramish

Large king prawns marinated in chef’s special spice, cooked with red peppers, baby potatoe...


Garlic Jhinga Paneer

King prawn cooked with garlic, onions, capsicum, jaipuri masala spices garnished with chee...


Sylheti Paneer Palak

Medium hot dish cooked with cheese and fresh spinach with chef’s special sauce.

Prawn Paneer Palak


Chicken Tikka Paneer Palak


Lamb Tikka Paneer Palak


King Prawn Paneer Palak


Vegetable Paneer Palak


Old Favourites

Famous and the most popular of dishes, a mix of mild and fruity as well as hot and exotic.


Cooked with lentils, lemon juice, spices, hot, sweet and sour.



Medium curry with herbs and coriander.



A hot taste, red peppers, tomatoes, lemon and dozens of spices added to quality this dish ...



A very mild dish cooked in coconut, almond and cream.



Mild, cooked with pineapple ground almond & coconut.


Rogan Josh

Medium strength, spiced and garnished with tomatoes and onions.



A popular dish of curry prepared with chilli & lemon juice.



Sweet and sour dish with onions, tomatoes and fresh spices.



Cooked with fresh spinach with a touch garlic and herbs.



With onions, capsicum, tomatoes, medium spiced (fairly dry).



Cooked with chopped onions and seasoned with fresh herbs.


Naga Dishes

Specially blended naga chillies in with exotic sauce.


Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked with green chillies, capsicum, onions with garlic & ginger.


Tandoori Specialities

These predominantly Arabic and north west frontier dishes are cooked over live charcoal. Served with salad and mint sauce.


Chicken or Lamb. Diced boneless chicken or lamb marinated with yoghurt and mildly seasoned...


Tandoori Chicken

(Half) Spring chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt and aromatic spices, barbecued in a...


Tandoori Mix Grill

A fabulous selection from our tandoori menu including tandoori chicken (on the bone), lamb...



(Chicken or Lamb). Diced chicken or lamb with green peppers, tomatoes and onions, barbecue...


Tandoori King Prawn Shashlick

King prawn with green peppers, tomatoes and onions, barbecued in a clay oven with fresh he...


Tandoori King Prawn

King prawn mildly seasoned with special herbs & spices. cooked in a clay oven.


Sheek Kebab

Lamb marinated with onions, special herbs and spices and cooked in a clay oven, served wit...


Salmon Tikka

Salmon fillet marinated with special fish spices.


Spicy Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka cooked with green chilli, fried onion and hot pepper.


Seabass Grill


Side Dishes

Vegetable dishes to complement your meal.

Brinjal Bhaji



Bombay Aloo

(Spicy potatoes)


Aloo Gobi

(Potato and cauliflower)


Aloo Peas

(Potato and peas)


Sag Aloo

(Spinach and potatoes)


Sag Panir

(Spinach and cheese)


Sag Bhaji



Mixed Vegetable Curry


Mixed Vegetable Bhaji



Bhindi Bhaji

(Ladies finger)


Bombay Chilli

(Potato and green chilli)


Cauliflower Bhaji


Mushroom Bhaji


Garlic Mushroom


Chana Bhaji

(Chick peas)


Motor Panir

(Peas and cheese)


Tarka Dall

(2 types of lentil, with fried garlic)


Dall Masala

(Spicy lentils)


Green Salad





Traditional rice dishes prepare to order.

Egg Fried Rice


Plain Boiled Rice


Special Fried Rice


Mushroom Rice


Vegetable Rice


Pilau Rice


Onion Fried Rice


Keema Rice


Coconut Rice


Lemon Rice

(Cooked with fresh lemon)


Garlic Rice



Freshly baked breads to accompany your selection.

Cheese Nan


Plain Nan

(Plain leavened bread)


Peshwari Nan

(Stuffed with almonds, sultana and coconut)


Kulcha Nan

(Stuffed with vegetable)


Garlic Nan


Onion Nan


Keema Nan

(Leavened bread stuffed with minced lamb)


Chilli Nan



(Layered whole wheat bread with butter)


Stuffed Paratha


Tandoori Roti

(Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoori)



(Whole wheat bread)


Papadam & Dips


(Cucumber, onion or mixed)


Variety of Chutney

(5 dips) (Mint, Mango, Tamarind, Onion salad & coconut)


Mixed Pickle


Basket of Papadam


White Wines

Dry/medium dry white wine

France. This is a smooth , crisp appley wine consistent and versatile for an occasion


Pinot Grigio

Italy. Medium bodied wine containing flavours of ripe peach and tropical fruits.


Chenin Blanc

South Africa. A soft, fruity white with hints of pear and citrus. Bottle.


Founders Stone Chardonnay

Australia. Ripe creamy chardonnay balanced by the zesty flavours of the sauvignon. Bottle


CYT Sauvignon Blanc

Chile . A fruity, balanced and fresh dry wine. Bottle.


Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand. A zesty racy sauvignon with typical New Zealand concentration of flavours. ...



France. A classic white wine with tremendous flavour and intensity. Bottle.


Rose Wine

Sierra Creek Zinfandel

California. Light bodied and refreshing rose, full of strawberry and raspberry aromas.


Pinot Grigio Blush

Italy. A fresh soft summer fruit flavour wine with a soft creamy, strawberry palate. Bot...


Red Wines

Medium dry red

France. A light red wine with plenty of jammy fruit and a smooth finish.


CYT Merlot

Chile. A young peppery wine with flavours of herbs and spices. Bottle.


Alta Ria Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc

India. A superbly ripe and juicy wine, filled with delicious cassis, plums and fresh berri...


Founders Stone Shiraz

Australia. Typically full-flavoured and rich in colour and fruit. Bottle.



Argentina. A deep red wine with aromas of plum and cherry. Bottle.


Monte Haro Rioja Tinto

Spain. Velvety soft , with a complex oak spice and redcurrant palate. Bottle


Chateau Neuf Du pape

France. A rich and strong full bodied red wine with a powerful fruit scent. Bottle.


Sparkling Wine & Champagne


A dry sparkler with a creamy mousse.



The most famous of all champagnes, a blend of various grapes and long aged.


Dom Perignon

Aromatic champagne that is fruity, bright and silky.


Draught Beer



Malabar IPA


Bottled Beers

Cobra 660 ml


Cobra 330 ml



Budweiser 330 ml


Kingfisher 330 ml


Kingfisher 650ml


Strongbow 330 ml


Magner's 568ml


Kopparberg 500ml


Peroni 330 ml


London Pride 500 ml


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